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Dai Guangping, President of Suzhou Jinxie Medical Equipment

Time:2020-06-05 15:26 Num:
Recently, Dai Guangping, President of Suzhou Jinxie medical device factory, was appointed as senior researcher by the Institute of industry development of China Academy of management sciences. The Chinese Academy of management sciences is a national institution (Registration No.: 210000005343) with a corporate governance structure under the leadership of the executive leadership of the Academy under the leadership of the Council. The Institute of Industrial Development (hereinafter referred to as "UNIDIR") is a scientific research department directly under the Chinese Academy of management. It has the ability and advantages of in-depth research in industrial market, competition pattern, upstream and downstream industrial chain, subdivided products, industry prospect, analysis and prediction, consumption structure, etc., and has established a massive multi-level industry database, which can provide personalized and diversified services for government departments at all levels, industry enterprises and other economic organizations. Through theoretical, policy and practical research, UNIDIR has played an active role in scientific management and innovative development of government decision-making departments at all levels and enterprises and institutions.
Dai Guangping, male, born in September 1968, senior engineer, participated in the experiment of pmmp (antibiotic bone cement) adhesive formula and chemical mechanism in Argentina set subito laboratory in November 2015, and studied its application in the field of medical devices spine. In December 2016, he studied the application of "turning milling and spraying technology of artificial joint" and "3D printing technology of bone and joint" in medical devices at lukenwald Research Institute of aristotech company in Germany, and published many related academic papers.
Suzhou Jinxie medical instrument factory, founded in 1995, has a history of more than 20 years. Located in the most developed eastern coastal area of China and Zhangjiagang City, the center of the Yangtze River Delta, it is not only the birthplace of China's orthopedic medical device industry, but also the Silicon Valley of orthopedic medical device product production and R & D. Suzhou Jinxie medical instrument factory is a private-owned enterprise specializing in the production and processing of class I and class II orthopedic medical instruments, upper and lower limb instruments, external fixation brackets, pelvic instruments, Blanc brackets, bone biting forceps, forceps, gypsum scissors, rod breaking forceps and other products. The company has a complete and scientific quality management system. Suzhou Jinxie medical equipment factory's integrity, strength and product quality are recognized by the industry. The company has won many industry awards, and the head of the company has been warmly received by the eighth Secretary General of the United Nations, Ban Ki Moon and other political figures
Dai Guangping was specially employed as a senior researcher by China Academy of Management Sciences, reflecting the industry and society's full recognition of Dai Guangping's outstanding achievements in the field of medical device research and application and enterprise management. It is precisely because of professional production services and advanced management concepts that Suzhou Jinxie medical equipment factory has stronger industry competitiveness and service force. In the future, Dai Guangping will lead "Jinxie people" to concentrate on research and development, continuous innovation, forge ahead, strive to build "medical equipment industry benchmark enterprise" and famous brand of the industry
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